Sweet Letter to the Podcast

Hey Guys.

Back while i was recording Episode 3 with Ben Carbo, Vinnie Duyck and Hallie Cooper, you never knew this, but there was another person behind the scenes. Her name is Whitney Bashaw and she stayed at my place a few nights to chill and hang out before she went off to do more amazing things. So Whitney, Ben, Hallie, Kai, and Vinnie, all of us got to work on the podcast and have a great time together.

While she was here she experienced the podcasting from behind the microphone and played with us and was an all around awesome friend.

Well I have just received a letter from her, written to me, but I found it so sweet and it speaks so well to the mission of this podcast that I thought i should share it with our listeners. I hope you dont mind I’m doing this Ms. Whitney. I love you so much. Thank you for joining the podcast family.

Scotty Jo