Get to Know Scotty Jo

Hey there!

I’m Scotty Jo.


Unlike other podcast, talk show, or news centered hosts, I come from a full on background in art. I’m not just a guy obsessed with art, I’m a guy soaked to the BONES IN IT!

I would be no where without the stage, the canvas, the microphone or the camera. My whole life is dedicated to fueling peoples creativity, bringing out the best story possible, finding possibilities within the mundane and making extraordinary things come to life!

I graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA in drama where I trained in Singing, Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance, Circus, Mask work, Stage combat where i was certified in Katana, Broadsword and Dagger, voice work, juggling and improvisation.

Before college, I was in at least one musical and one play per year since I was 8 years old.

My favorite artist of all time is VIncent van Gogh and I am truly obsessed with his painting “Starry Night.” I have been to the Museum of Modern Art numerous times in New York City to see it.


I love it so much that in my old house I took as many paint sample cards from Wal-Mart as I could and plastered it onto my orange walls. Not to mention, that it is the general icon for my podcast.


My father taught me how to juggle and unicycle at a very young age. That sparked my interest in clowning and the circus, which then led to me performing in street festivals, malls and shows. I even went on to participate in a show building 6 week intensive collaboration between my school, UNCSA, and the infamous Cirque du Soleil. I played a cricket.


In college I found out that I have the ability to draw of all things and I became obsessed (even more than usual) with color and color theory and painting. Even so far as to paint murals on my friends walls.



But back to the purpose of why I’m here!!!!!!

I recently moved out to Hollywood, California to pursue a career in art. But when I got out to LA I realized that it is jam packed with some of the most amazing awesome talented people I have ever met in my life! So I have started this podcast to bring you the incredible conversations i have with these artists. Each week I sit down with one cool artist and we talk about what they do and how they do it. By the end you should have a website or email you can go to to learn more about them, and by doing this we can share the art and collaborate and come together as artists to create something even bigger and better! As well as bring you news on all illustration, animation, movie and pop culture news!

So stay tuned in! Each week is something different and these artists are talented!

Thanks for listening!

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