stage-w-chair  epISODE 9

Dear Listeners:

Whats up?? Thanks for being here. If you’re new to the podcast, we’ve got 8 episodes out now and we’re still going strong! Scroll down for past episodes.

If you’re a returning listener, welcome back! Episode 8 took a lot of heavy mental energy and running around last week as you can tell by the copious amounts of editing and overall sound. So this week I had planned to make a real slow laid back episode but for some reason our server choose to be a grumpy pants and REFUSES to play our podcast. WHAT THE F*&% SERVER!

So THATS what my good buddy Joel Leonard is fast at work on, thank you Joel, Joel gives this podcast it’s life. And in the meantime, before you hear me talk about it, enjoy this video exclusive of my 5 hour juggling experiment. Juggling Guns on the Streetz…

Scotty Jo

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