Episode 6 – Wake Up and Smell the Jazz Hands

Scotty Jo presents

Episode 6 – Wake Up and Smell the Jazz Hands

Click here to listen!



Vinnie Duyck       and     Charles Osborne

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You can also see the show Charles Osborne is in by visiting the Forbidden Broadway website. And you can read up on the Article about the Found Richard lll’s skeleton. And not to forget, here is that gorgeous new PIXAR Animation Studios film logo for The Good Dinosaur drected by Bob Peterson.


And if you get a chance have a look at my storyboarding for a small short I created called Moon Bear. let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Wake Up and Smell the Jazz Hands

  1. I LOVE the MOON BEAR storyboard, Scott. The random plotless-ness in the day of MOON BEAR. Mr. Snail taking over at the popcorn stand, all your voices and music choices, Ms. Tortoise’s walker, the competition with the setting sun. LOVE the animation, love your work.

    • I’m so glad you love it Jane. At first, it was scared me to think about putting it online, but then I thought “What better way to get great immediate feedback!”

      Now it sort of is taking on the form of a social experiment. Usually in the storyboard process, the drawings are kept away from the public in a room with a creative team tweeking and fixing until it’s absolutely perfect. However, i dont have that crew, so i leave it open to the public to tweek and tell ME what i need to fix. That way, it will be collaborative and I truly can’t miss what people actually want to see. Maybe in a few months there will be a second version.

      Maybe 🙂

      Thanks Jane for your comment! It’s always great to hear from you!

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