Episode 1 – What’s Up?!

Scotty Jo presents

Episode 1 – What’s Up!?

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4 thoughts on “Episode 1 – What’s Up?!

  1. Hey Scotty,
    Have you changed up your site? I only can see your Podcasts, not your previous posts. And also your latest Podcast didn’t show up in my “Reader” section. Just wondering.

    • Hey buddy. Good to hear from you again. I did delete them all unfortunately. It pained me to do so but to focus on my podcast resolution this year and to give myself time to podcast i cleared it all out and started with a new slate. I had posted a notice about it but i went rather quickly. If there was any art or anything you still needed i would be glad to email it to you. Other than that, please check out the podcast, im having a blast with some great guests. And this weekend check out episode 4 where i interview William Jardine, creator of the A113Animation blog and we talk about Pixar, UK releases and what we’re excited for in 2013.

      • Cool, wish you the best! Just was curious what happened to your site, lol! Is there any chance you’d put up a “video cast” with you and your guests? Or will it just be audial?

      • one day we would love to do videos and actually make a talk show. thats my dream. but we want to build a following before we do that. plus we all need the practice and the equipment

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